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A Cricket Archive for Nidderdale & District  
                                                                 From the newspapers of the day
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8 November
Harrogate Herald
Cricket:- New Local League
A meeting was held at the Station Hotel Birstwith on Tuesday for the purpose of forming a cricket league for next season.
The following representatives from the various Clubs in the district were present:-
Messrs J J Waddington, I Pawson, & S Blakey (Darley); J Bearwood, J R Wharton & T Thorpe (Birstwith); T Moon (Clint); F Carr, J Haxby, G Swales (Hampsthwaite); S Wray, W Hayes, H Thompson (Shaw Mills); T Cater, R Breare, W Stott (Beckwithshaw); J Cooper, F Dobby, J Dobby (Burnt Yates); C H H Gill, G Milthorpe, A Elsworth (Kettlesing).

J Waddington elected as Chairman;

J Cooper (Secretary) stated that the Hon E Wood MP had generously promised to present a Cup for annual competition to the league. Mr Waddington (Prop) & Mr Wharton (seconded) that the best thanks of the meeting be given to Mr E Wood for his kindness in presenting a Cup to the league. His proposition was unanimously carried.
Communications were read from Markington Ripley & Killinghall Clubs declining to join the league. South Stainley had been written to but had not replied. It was decided that the name of the League be the Lower Nidderdale & District Amateur Cricket League. It was resolved that the following Clubs form the league for 1912.
Beckwithshaw, Birstwith, Burnt Yates, Hampsthwaite, Kettlesing, Darley, Shaw Mills.
Rules were drawn up for the management of the league, and it was decided that a match Champions v The Rest of the league be played at the end of next season. It is hoped that the league matches will cause great interest to be taken in cricket in the District.


11 May
Beckwithshaw v Birstwith
Darley v Killinghall
Hampsthwaite v Burnt Yates

18  May
Lower Nidderdale Cricket League
 Beckwithshaw 41 Birstwith 99
Hampsthwaite 34 Burnt Yates 38
Ripon 174-7 v Masham who included a Backhouse & a Broadley
Pannal Ash v Knaresborough Calcutt
Bilton IInds v Staveley
Pateley Bridge 146-1 v Knaresborough 96
C W Ingleby 86*
T Millward 27
T Gill 27*

Beckwithshaw 77 v Burnt Yates 121-8 J Cooper 55

Birstwith  58 v Darley 42

Shaw Mills 7 lost to Killinghall 33-4

12 June
Birstwith 37 v Hampsthwaite 56
Shaw Mills 81 v Burnt Yates 58

Ripon are reported as being in the Thirsk League

6 July
Shaw Mills 77 v Darley 20
Burnt Yates  61 v  Hampsthwaite 61

24 August
Considerable excitement prevailed when the league fixture Beckwithshaw v Hampsthwaite, ordered by the Council of the Lower Nidderdale Cricket to be replayed, came off on the Beckwithshaw ground on Wednesday. Hampsthwaite won the toss and elected to bat first. an excellent first wicket stand was made by T Moore (29) and F Appleby (25). Over 50 runs being on the board before  a wicket fell. E Stott 6 -20 & R A Beer 4 -15 however put a different complexion on the game, the Hampsthwaite side being out for 76.
Early on in the match, in fact before play had been proceeding many minutes, a steady downpour of rain came and continued to the end.
Beckwithshaw started satisfactorily with W Crossland playing a steady game for 19 before he was bowled by a excellent ball from F Carr. Wickets then fell pretty regularly to J K  & F Carr. E Stott (9) & J Slinger (9) helped things forward and R A Breare (27*) & H Chaplin (2*)  finally carried the total to 77 - 7 thus winning a notable game by 3 wickets. Messrs H J T Bale & J Redfearn acting as umpires

7 Sept  
Lower Nidderdale League 1912.
Birstwith (Champions) v The Rest

Click on the photograph below to see a full sized image of the team taken before the Champions v The Rest game.

The Rest XI
C Parker, H Voakes (Killinghall), F Carr, F Appleby (Hampsthwaite),W Blakey, S Mawson(Darley),J Newby, A Wray (Shaw Mills), J Cooper (Capt),F Dobby (Burnt Yates), E Stott, F Breare (Beckwithshaw) Umpires:- J Stewart (Shaw Mills) H Horton (Burnt Yates). Scorers:- J P W Wharton (Beckwithshaw), J Dobby (Burnt Yates)

28 September  
Dacre Banks
Mr Wilkinson's Team v Mr J Redfearn's


The League consisted of Glasshouses. Hampsthwaite, Darley New Park Pateley Bridge Shaw Mills
Darley bowled for 10

13 September  
Nidderdale League
The Nidderdale League brought the season to a close on Saturday with a match New Park v The Rest on the Birstwith ground. The day was fortunately favoured with a fine day and there was a good gate. The Champions having won the toss commenced to bat at 2-30pm. The ground, owing probably to the dry weather, was of a rough and bumpy character and many balls rose high above the batsman's head. When three wickets had fallen for 26 runs an adjournment was made for the presentation of the Cups and Medals.
After this C Scholes and F Carr quickly finished off the innings.

Pateley Bridge & Nidderdale Herald
17 September
Pictures of the players in this match
Rest XI
C W Ingleby, J W Stocks (Pateley Bridge), H Voakes, F Carr (Hampsthwaite), F Kirkbright, C Groves (Glasshouses) E Lumsden, C Scholes (Bilton), RA Breare (Beckwithshaw), R Wharton (Birstwith) A Wray (Shaw Mills), J Cooper (Burnt Yates)
The Hon. E Wood to present the Cup


25 April
Harrogate Advertiser  
Lower Nidderdale and District Amateur Cricket League
Interest in this league promises to be greater than ever this year. The league comprises of ten Clubs; Pateley Bridge and Darley withdrew at the end of last season; Dacre Banks and Killinghall took their places. It is to be regretted that Pateley Bridge thought fit to resign, but it is particularly gratifying to see an old club like Dacre Banks revived and everyone will wish them success. Killinghall joined the league when it was first formed and after a years rest return with every prospect of  a successful season.
The remaining clubs in the league are in most cases stronger than last season and some exciting and interesting matches are sure to be seen. During the coming season a little alteration has been made to the rules with regard to Umpires. Any Club can apply for neutral umpires on paying a fee of five shillings and giving 14 days notice to the Secretary. The league can also appoint umpires for any game they think necessary.

Nidderdale League XI v Bilton at Dacre Banks
5 September
After the match Bilton v The Rest of the League the players and spectators met for the presentation of the medals. Mr Gill had been asked by the Management Committee to make the presentation and he very kindly agreed. In opening the proceedings Mr Cooper the enthusiastic Hon Sec of the league said a suggestion had been made that the match Winners v The Rest should not take place, but he saw no reason why it shouldn't especially as the proceeds were to be devoted the War Fund. Bilton had come out at the top of the league and they were no doubt the best team in the Dale. Glasshouses for a long time ran a good race but went as it were to pieces. It was three years since the league was first talked about. Some people said it would soon come to an end and that to play league would mean quarrelling and other undesirable things but that was all rubbish. (applause) The cricket league had done a great deal of good and he hoped it would go on for many years to come. He had pleasure in asking Mr Gill to make the presentations.
Mr Gill who was well received said he was surprised when he was asked to present the cup and medals and it was to him a very pleasant duty. League cricket had done a lot of good. It stimulated and improved the game (hear hear)
For some time they thought that Glasshouses would win the cup but they fell away and the honour rested with Bilton. The league was very much indebted to a good Secretary (applause) They had had a good season and some very close games. He was glad that they had played the match at Dacre; they had had a fete in connection with the match and were thus doing something towards the war funds. he was also glad that the league was giving gate receipts to it.
After the season was over he hoped that some of the cricketers might join the forces and show a noble example and trusted that everyone who was able to would do their duty. Mr Gill then handed the Cup to Mr Searle and congratulated him on behalf of his team. Mr Searle of the Bilton club said he had very great pleasure in accepting the cup. hey had tried to win it honourably. They had tried to play the game. When they went to Glasshouses they were one point behind but after the match they were one point in front, yet he never heard a wrong word spoken,. He also thought that on the whole there had been an improvement in Umpires. He was much obliged to Mr Gill for making the presentation.
Mr Gill next presented Gold Medals to the Members of the Bilton team, each player being introduced by the Captain. Mr Gill said the medals were splendid little things and he felt sure that the players would be very proud to wear them.
Mr Gill next presented the Gold Medal to Mr Orton of Bilton for the highest batting average - 29.6 -; Mr Cooper remarked that the next three were J Dinsdale Glasshouses 19.9, W Ellis DBCC 18.00; & H Voakes Killinghall 18.00
Mr F Kirkbright Glasshouses was presented with the Gold Medal for the best bowling average 71 @ 4.25; F Carr  Hampsthwaite 82 @ 4.26; W Ellis DBCC 74 @ 4.51
Mr W Hardcastle proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Gill for his kindness in presenting the medals and in doing so in representing the Glasshouses club he congratulated most heartily the Bilton team on their success. Since he had been asked to propose the vote of thanks he had made enquiries and had found the remarks of Mr Searle correct. They had won in a sportsmanlike spirit and therefore the honour was all the greater. He thought the league committee had done a very graceful thing in playing the game at DBCC and in asking Mr Willie Ellis, one of the best cricketers the dale had ever produced, to be Captain (applause). He thought the young players would take as much interest in the field as the old ones did (applause). He had very much pleasure in proposing a vote of thanks to Mr Gill and Mr Searle seconded, and the resolution was carried by acclamation. Mr Gill briefly responded and the proceedings as far as the presentation was concerned terminated.

Proposed Charity Cricket Match August Bank Holiday Monday at Birstwith between :Mr V Clarke's Nidderdale XI & Captain Parsons XI  (from Command Headquarters)
A cricket match was played on the Birstwith Ground between Mr V Clarke's Nidderdale XI and Capt. Parsons XI from Command Headquarters and was a great success realizing about £20.00 for the Harrogate Infirmary. In the evening a Local Ladies XI met a team of Veteran cricketers from the neighbourhood and won, their score
being 56 (?). The Birstwith District Band was in attendance and dancing was indulged in on the green.  Mr Clarke's team being:  J Cooper, R Wharton, F Campbell, Rev.  ......., W Ellis, Brookes, S Ashby, J Smirfit, C Scholes . Scores were 86(see above which says (86) against 133.

Nidderdale Feast at Bewerley Park
Cricket Match
Mr Wilkinson's XI v Officer's Command Dept. Ripon.
For 3-4 years now Mr Wilkinson has kindly provided a team of cricketers for Feast Monday and great thanks are due to him for without his assistance we scarcely see how a match could have been arranged. Mr V Clarke was instrumental in getting the officers to come from the Ripon camp. The wicket had caused great anxiety but it was much better than anticipated and an interesting match was played and followed with great interest by a good number of spectators. From the scores it will be seen that the Command XI was victorious by about 30 runs. Mr Wilkinson's team consisted of: J R Hardcastle, J Redfern, E Leyland, Huddleston, C W Ingleby, L Garnett, W Ellis, (Capt) C Longster, F Leyland, C Scholes, G Calvert & T Millward


24 January
Pateley Bridge & Nidderdale Herald
Pateley Bridge concert took place in the Oddfellows Hall on the previous Tuesday evening
We publish in another column a letter signed by the Committee of the Cricket Club apologising for the scene that took place on the balcony of the Oddfellows Hall during the concert last Tuesday.
As witness of this disgusting and ungentlemanly conduct of the four young men, we feel that any comments we may make , however strong will not fall upon  ...................        who were annoyed by the antics of these young men, that some left the hall in disgust commenting that they would not again attend a concert in the future. These young men defied all etiquette and respect by smoking and drinking in the hall and as a result were objectionably indisposed, had no self respect and deserve yanking up before the Committee.
In future we hope that admission to any entertainment will be refused them until such times as they may have learned to respect the comforts of others and themselves. In future concerts will suffer from this unseemly incident than from anything of a like nature.
As most of the league clubs have got together strong teams some very interesting and close games are sure to be seen. In addition to the handsome Cup presented by the Hon Edward Wood in 1912 gold medals will be given to the winners of the league. Gold medals will also be given for batting and bowling. Prizes will also be given for the taker of the most wickets and the scorer of the most runs.
It is hoped to run a second division of the league next season to encourage the junior clubs.
Clubs in league in 1920 were Beckwithshaw, Bilton, Birstwith Dacre Banks, Glasshouses, Hampsthwaite, Killinghall, Pateley Bridge.
Officially the league cricket season commences on May 1st but there have been a few trial matches encroaching on the last of the football. Last year, the first after the war, was a season of rebirth for many clubs. By the end of September they were beginning to feel their feet again. This year will see a keener interest and a greater supply of players. Though it has been suggested that many a likely batsman and bowler has prevented from giving of his latent by his own native shyness. This should not be so. If any cricket reader feels he might make good in the national game let him get in touch with secretary of a local club who will receive him almost with open arms. There is every encouragement for friendly rivalry.
The Nidderdale League includes the Clubs up the valley, though Shaw Mills does not have nor possess a club and the Harrogate and District League contains as its name suggests Clubs in and around the town. An attractive feature of this new league is the Challenge Cup presented by the proprietors of the Nidderdale Herald. It is of handsome design and mounted on an oak base and is suitably inscribed. No doubt an effort will be made on the part of the League to supply medals or it is possible that some generous patron of cricket will be inclined to show his appreciation in making such a presentation.

The Harrogate & District League consisted of Harrogate IInds, Harrogate Wesleyans, Follifoot, Pannal Ash, Bilton, New Park, Ripley, South Stainley.

Ripley 1920
Hon Sec. Mr T Hawking
President: Sir William  Ingilby
Captain  C Hawkes:

South Stainley 1920
Hon Sec. Mr W Midgely
We have no report of prospects but we learn that some capable batsmen and bowlers will be seen during the season. Their entry into the league gives them a wide field and in meeting stronger and equal clubs they will be gaining considerable experience.

Lower Nidderdale &
District Amateur Cricket League
Club Prospects
A good host of fixtures has been arranged for Shaw Mills for the ensuing season. The Club has also joined the league, a trophy having been provided for the Champions. The Hon Edward Wood is President and Vice - Presidents are Capt Greenwood, Dr H J H Clarkson, Mr J Threlfall, Mr Fisher, Mr F M C Jowett, Rev J H Elliot & Mr T W Strother with Mr J Cooper of Burnt Yates as Hon Secretary.
In the event of two clubs having equal points a deciding match shall be played on a neutral ground selected by the Committee and the winners shall be Champions. It is felt that the formation of this league will stimulate the pastime in the Dale and provide a healthy rivalry of considerable interest. The Champions v The Rest match will also be played annually in aid of league funds.
The Shaw Mills club has for it's President Mr J Threlfall JP and a strong list of  Vice-Presidents.
Mr J Newby Capt; Mr F Thompson V - Capt and Mr S Wray (again) discharges the Secretarial duties.

Cricket Leagues
Amalgamation suggested
In the second week of the cricket season both local leagues appear to be going strong. The Harrogate & District is of new birth, but the Nidderdale is a hardy youngster, yet both are working for the same end, the improvement of cricket. When the formation of the Harrogate League was under consideration it was suggested that the Nidderdale should combine but apparently the senior league had proceeded too far with its arrangements to warrant so radical a change. In view of the keen interest in the game this year and the number of excellent players available it might be advisable to give the matter of amalgamation further consideration in order to promote one strong league for next season embracing all the Clubs in the district. At present we have the Clubs in two leagues under Nidderdale, Beckwithshaw, Birstwith, Dacre Banks, Hampsthwaite, Glasshouses, Pateley Bridge, Killinghall, and under Harrogate, Harrogate IInds, Bilton, New Park, Ripley, South Stainley, Follifoot, Pannal Ash, Harrogate Wesley.
There are also Darley, Knaresborough, Burnt Yates, Nidd, Shaw Mills, Farnham, Goldsborough, Scotton, Staveley and many others not in any league, although I understand Shaw Mills and Burnt Yates are not running a Club this year. My suggestion is to form a combined league with two or more divisions according to the number of Clubs decided upon for each. 10 or 11 would be a good number and a full fixture without recourse to further matches. The Nidderdale League hopes to form a junior division next season but if the proposed alteration becomes a fact, the 3rd Division could be devoted to the benefit of Junior clubs whilst not interfering with the seniors. Beckwithshaw, Birstwith, Dacre Banks, Hampsthwaite, Glasshouses, Pateley Bridge, Killinghall, Harrogate IInds, Bilton, New Park, Ripley, South Stainley, Follifoot, Pannal Ash, Harrogate Wesley, New Park IInds, Bilton IInds, Darley, Knaresborough, Burnt Yates, Nidd, Shaw Mills, would be admitted to the league bringing the total to 22.
As matters stand at present certain clubs in the league are much superior to others and as a consequence games are inclined to become mere punishment for the weaker side. The absence of keenness and interest tends to make the great game a slow one. With amalgamation every effort would be made to place teams of equal merit in the two divisions and so do more good to the game than two separate leagues. There could also be a system  of promotion and relegation after the style of the football league. This would make clubs in both leagues keener for promotion, which would become an honour, and relegation, something that could be avoided by spirited play. Naturally one club has to be bottom of the first division but if relegated it would be an incentive to return in the earliest possible season.
I have discussed the matter with a number of men interested and all agree that one league would be better than two. It would negate anything that one league does to attract clubs in the other league. Perhaps Secretarys would give the matter consideration and endeavour to bring about the proposed change. Letters on the subject are cordially invited.

8 May
Darley v Bilton
Bilton gave a remarkable display at Darley on Saturday when they sent the whole of the Darley team back with only 5 runs between them. W Voakes and F Hill were the only two bowlers put on by Bilton and they quickly ran through the home team, Voakes taking 6 for 3 and Hill 4 for 2. None of the batsmen could contend for long against the fast work of Voakes or the pace of Hill and 7 ducks were the result. Bilton had 3 wickets down before they reached 7 and the match ended in a win by 7 wickets.
The Darley team was:
 J G Whitley
 H Houseman
 G Nelson
 W Houseman
 E Kent
 B Skaife
 S Blakey
 G Layfield
 W H Pulford
 H Houseman

22 May
Staveley v Boroughbridge
Boroughbridge all out for 10; 6 ducks.

29 May   
Pateley Bridge & Nidderdale Herald
Sawley (83) B Tinsley 51 ret. v Fellbeck (18)

Also in same paper report of game between Ripon YMCA & Bishop Monkton on Ripon Agricultural Showground on Saturday last

29 May
Bilton v Killinghall
All out for 18 was the fate of Killinghall against Bilton. This being due to the bowling of C Scholes the Hon Sec of the Club and W Voakes. Scholes 5 for 4 and Voakes 5 for 9, but Bilton had 5 wickets down before they passed the 18. C Parker making short work of 4 wickets.

Glasshouses v Hampsthwaite
Glasshouses gained an easy victory over Hampsthwaite. F Bell taking 6 for 8 and Groves 3 for 8: Hampsthwaite were dismissed for 18. The runs were knocked off by the home team for the loss of one wicket.

To all Clubs
To avoid duplication of score sheets and un-necessary work will the scorers kindly arrange which club shall send in the printed score sheet. In order to give more detail of the play. Further information of the batting, bowling and fielding would be helpful.

5 June  
Dacre Banks v Glasshouses
Glasshouses are playing excellent cricket this season and on Saturday they beat Dacre banks by 7 wickets. Dacre batted first and were all out for 25, the best score being made by W Ellis with 10
The following details indicate the good work done in league cricket (by Glasshouses) up to date:-
Bowling  v  Beckwithshaw H F Holmes 5 for 9
  v Hampsthwaite F Bell  6 for 8
  v Dacre Banks G E Hardcastle 5 for 7
Batting  v Beckwithshaw won by 5 wkts.
  v Hampsthwaite won by 9 wkts.
  v  Dacre Banks won by 7 wkts.
Darley beat Shaw Mills by 7 wkts.
Shaw Mills 21 Darley 28 - 3

5 June
Nidderdale League          
Hampsthwaite and Killinghall tried to decide their abandoned Nidderdale League match on Saturday. Very keen rivalry was shown on both sides being neighbouring villages and it was rather s coincidence that both teams on the previous Saturday score the same number of runs against Bilton and Glasshouses, viz 18 each.
Hampsthwaite won the toss and decided to bat. Runs came steadily until C Barker, whose cutting was beautiful to watch, quickly put on 34. With the total at 72 - 5 the brothers Ashby became associated and although Killinghall tried 7 bowlers everything seemed alike to them and by good sound cricket they carried the Hampsthwaite score to 194, the partnership putting on 122. The innings was declared closed at this point. This left Killinghall 2 hours to bat.
The Killinghall veteran G Wright was the first to face the Hampsthwaite bowling but lost his wicket second ball; a clever catch at point dismissed Dawson. They struggled hard with A Brown smothering some good balls from Appleby but unfortunately with the total at 41 - 3 rain stopped play and the match was abandoned.
The Beckwithshaw Cricket team arrived on the Hampsthwaite ground whilst this game was in progress having been disappointed with their game at Birstwith and they seemed to be very outspoken, one to another, with regard to the Hampsthwaite bowler's and fielders, preparing no doubt for their visit to Hampsthwaite on June 12th, when they expect to get some points.

Dacre Banks v Hampsthwaite
Hampsthwaite visited Dacre Banks; Dacre Banks won the toss and put the visitors in to bat on what appeared to be an easy run-getting wicket.  50 runs were produced for 5 wickets when J W West was put on to bowl and he quickly brought the innings to a close for a total of 62, taking 5 wickets for 6 runs. Dacre had 5 wickets down for 18 runs but D Cassells who scored 25 altered the appearance of the game. The fielding of Hampsthwaite was not up to their usual standard, 3 catches being missed. When the last man went in Dacre Banks required 5 runs to win but after scoring 4 H Brookes jumped in front of his wickets to a ball from C Barker which pitched almost on his toes and was given out LBW.  Dacre was very disappointed in not making a win of this match but H Brookes was missed from the first ball he received and afterwards scored 13, so a division of the points fairly represented the scores. Tie 62 each.

The Cricket Match at Glasshouses
A correspondent writes
' When Umpires fail to act as Umpires and become really  twelfth men then so long this will hatch dissatisfaction on cricket fields. Such Umpires may be all right when their teams'  have easy matches on but in a tight match then they show their usefulness. At Glasshouses on Saturday the Umpire was the best man of the twelve. A visitor from Sheffield, a follower of both County and Council cricket who was at the match, said the Umpiring was disgraceful. Bad Umpiring has not been confined to one match only this league season. League cricket is spoiling good sportsmanship and even good cricketers are apt in the excitement of the match and in the desire to win, to make appeals which they would not make in ordinary circumstances"
Match seems to be that between Glasshouses and Pateley Bridge on 5th June 1920

Hardcastle Family
G R Hardcastle for Windhill on Saturday scored 64*
C A Hardcastle for Cockermouth v Maryport took 9 - 34 and scored 118
W E Hardcastle for his native village scored 21
This a notable family record of the three sons of Mr W Hardcastle JP of Glasshouses; the fourth son George who is also a promising all-rounder plays for his village when his business will allow. All bat left handed and bowl right handed.

Dacre Banks met Birstwith on Saturday. The result being an easy win for the home team.
Dacre Banks 134-4; Birstwith 24. Richmond 6 for 5.

17 July
Goldsborough v Follifoot; an F Paxton played for Goldsborough.

31 July  
picture of Ripon 1st XI in the Thirsk Senior Cricket League

24 July
Marton cum Grafton v Gt. Ouseburn
Gt. Ouseburn 24 (J Horner 5 - 6); (Garbut 4 - 17)
Marton 45

Masham reported as defeating North Stainley by 5 runs

14 August
Pateley Bridge v Glasshouses
Pateley Bridge had for their visitors on Saturday the present league leaders. The home side winning the toss put the visitors in to bat and showed that they were in a deermined frame of mind by excellent fielding and the visitors were all out for 49. The batting of the home side proved to be more sound than the visitors whose score was passed with the loss of 4 wickets. F Robinson played a fine innings for the visitors and Kirkbright & Campbell for the Homesters. A Layfield took 6 - 16. Glasshouses 49; Pateley Bridge 50 - 4

21 August
Dacre Banks v Killinghall
Dacre met Killinghall in the return match on Saturday and thanks to excellent bowling from J W West who took 7 - 19 and backed by the batting of Ellis and H West, proved too good for the visitors, Dacre winning by 9 wickets.
Killinghall 39; Dacre Banks 42 - 1

28 August
Dacre Banks v Pateley Bridge
Dacre Banks met and defeated Pateley Bridge at Dacre on Saturday by 22 runs. Pateley Bridge won the toss and sent Dacre in to bat. Ellis batting through the innings for 40; H West showing good form, whilst Kirkbright, Richmond and Campbell played well for the losers. Ellis also bowled very well and along with Wray had the best figures for Dacre 4 - 13 & 4 -22 respectively. Garrett 6 - 25 for Pateley Bridge bowled exceedingly well.
Dacre Banks 81 Pateley Bridge 59.

Final Table 1920
                            P    W    L   D    Pts
Glasshouses     12   10     2    0     20
Bilton                 13     7     3    3     17
Pateley Bridge  11     6     4    1     13
Beckwithshaw  13     4     6    3     15
Dacre Banks     13     5     5    3     13
Killinghall         13     5     6    2     12
Hampsthwaite  12     3     6    3       9
Birstwith           13     0    11    2      2

Teams for Saturday
Champions  (Glasshouses) v The Rest at Killinghall
W Ellis
C Scholes
W Voakes
E Stott
R Redfearn
E Richmond
F Campbell
T Kirkbright
J Kay
C Barker
B S Clarke   Wickets pitched 2-30pm
Mr F C Jowett of Hollins Hall will present the Cup & Medals at about 4-00pm

Bilton succeeded in winning their last match against Dacre Banks on Saturday by 5 runs; Suttill 11 and F Wilson batted well for Bilton and H West 16 & C Bentley 16no did good service for Dacre. The bowling of W Voakes 7 - 23 was capital.

11 September
Nidderdale Cricket Champions
Glasshouses who secured first place P-12, W-10, Lost- 2 showing a percentage of 85.33 etc..
Glasshouses will hold the handsome silver cup presented by the Hon Edward Wood and the team will also receive gold medals commemorative of their victory.
W Ellis will receive the bat for scoring the most runs during the season and E Richmond will be given a prize for the best bowling average.
Mr W Ellis made the highest score in the league with 75. C Barker of Hampsthwaite came next with 65.
In bowling E Richmond took 44 for 195 at an average of 4.43.
Altogether the Nidderdale League has had a successful season and next year it is hoped to run a second division to encourage junior members of the district.

Nidderdale Cricket League
Presentation of the Trophy
As stated in these columns last week Glasshouses were winners of the league cup and on Saturday last the usual match Champions v The Rest was played at Killinghall before a good number of spectators. The cup was presented, we believe, by the Hon Edward Wood MP and was first won by Birstwith in 1914, by New Park in 1915 and by Bilton in 1916. Since that year until the recent one no league cricket has been played in the valley. At about 4.0pm the game was suspended for the purposes of the presentations which were made by Mr Jowett of Hollins Hall Hampsthwaite who was introduced by Mr Cooper, the Hon Secretary of the league.
Mr Jowett said he was very sorry he could not stay to the end of the match, he very much appreciated the honour they had done him, in asking him to make the presentation that afternoon. He heartily congratulated the Glasshouses players on their success. He was sure they deserved it. He personally wished he could devote more time to cricket but business prevented him. The past season has not been one of the best for cricket and he thought that all who play that summer deserve a medal.
Hampsthwaite, his own village, was not high in the table but he hoped they would be more successful another year. He was glad that they had got back to the old times and that the hideous war was over. Glasshouses well deserved their win and he had great pleasure in handing them the cup. Mr Jowett then handed the cup to F Kirkbright,.Captain, amidst cheers. Mr Cooper then called out the names of the cricketers and players entitled to medals and these were handed to them by Mr Jowett.
Extra prizes were also presented and a handsome gold medal was handed to W Ellis Dacre Banks CC for the highest batting average, (Inn 13; HS 75; R 268 Ave:29.88. Mr Ellis also received Mr Cooper’s bat for the highest number of runs made during the season. Mr Cooper remarked that he had made 100 more than anyone else. The medal for the bowling average was presented to Mr E Richmond also Dacre Banks who had taken 44 wickets at an average of 4.43 runs.
Mr Cooper stated that the competition for this medal was very close.3 runs more to the number scored against the winner would have given the prize to Fred Bell.
Mr Walter Voakes (Bilton) won the medal given by Mr Hardcastle for the greatest number of wickets taken. Mr Smith (Killinghall) proposed a vote thanks to Mr Jowett for his kindness in presenting prizes. Mr Smith recalled for 26 years ago to the day the Pavilion they were using was opened. A friend of the Killinghall team noting the enthusiasm of the members presented it to them. He said there was an old saying which he commended them 'keep your health, keep your temper and keep your wicket up' Cricket was a fine game and tended to bring out the best in their lives and it also helps men in their work. The umpiring during the year had not always been satisfactory and he suggested that in future neutral umpires should be appointed. In conclusion he said he had great pleasure in proposing the vote of thanks. Mr Hardcastle JP said they appreciated very much Mr Jowett's presence.He agreed with Mr Smith in respect of neutral umpires. It would be better for all clubs. During the past season, however the umpires decisions especially on time points have been received with bad grace by supporters of the opposing club and this was unfair.
Speaking of the Glasshouses XI, he said that with the exception of Mr Robinson and Mr George Groves they were all brought up on the ground. He congratulated Mr Ellis on his success and also on him being asked to Captain the Rest. It was an honour in 1914 and was a great honour now. No better cricketer or sportsmen had been turned out in the valley than Mr Ellis (applause) He also congratulated Mr Voakes on his success.
He liked to see young ones successful but liked better to see older ones succeed, but their opportunities were getting fewer. He had pleasure in seconding the vote of thanks to Mr Jowett. This was carried amidst applause to which Mr Jowett briefly responded. The match was then resumed and when stumps were drawn the match was at an interesting state. The arrangements for the match were admirably carried out by Mr Cooper, the medals we may say were a handsome design, supplied by Messrs Fattorini of Harrogate .

Champions v The Rest
The Champions of the Nidderdale League finished the season on Saturday in a match against the Rest of the League. They scored 110-9 and at this figure declared the innings closed. The Rest got to 70, the best performance being by T Kirkbright of Pateley Bridge. The bowling of both teams was good and interesting game ended in favour of the league winners.

2 October  
Photograph Glasshouses CC, winners of the Nidderdale League and now holders of the Silver Cup presented by the Hon Edward Wood, appeared in paper.

11 December
George Marston (4.12.1893} played in Local IX against the All England team at Ripon He remembered the days when cricketers played in tall hats

Shaw Mills
Burnt Yates