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A Cricket Archive for Nidderdale & District  
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Barry Gill 2013

8 July
Leeds Intelligencer
On the 30th ult. a cricket match, the best of three innings, for a considerable wager, was played on Beningbrough Ings, between four gentlemen of Ouseburn  and eight of Shipton and Overton: the latter got 31 notches, and the former 61- in favour of the four, 30 notches.


14 November
Leeds Intelligencer
A cricket match was played between the gentlemen of Knaresborough and Burton Leonard, on Saturday, 5 November, on Rigg-Moor, for 20l.- when Knaresborough the first innings, got 44; Burton first-innings 45;-Burton second innings 14; Knaresborough second innings 15.- Knaresborough had seven wickets to spare. Nine partners a-side


16 November
York Herald
On Wednesday week six men were convicted before Sir Thomas Slingsby and Sir John Ingleby Barts, at Knaresborough, and paid the penalty for playing at cricket on the Lord's day in that town ship.

11 October
Leeds Intelligencer
Cricket:- on Saturday the 10th inst a cricket match commenced between the gentlemen of the Ripon club and the Kirkby Fleetham and Scruton players, at Kirklington, in the North Riding in pursuance of a challenge given by the former. The Kirkby Fleetham party had the innings, and run 54 notches. When 4 of the Ripon men were out they had run 14. At this time a question arose whether a gentleman ought not to be called out, who had placed himself before the wicket, and stopped the ball. Three of the umpires were decidedly of opinion that he ought to go out; as were several gentlemen belonging to the Ripon club: afterwards to satisfy some of the party, it was determined by lot, for him to go out: notwithstanding this two or three of the Ripon gentlemen positively refused to continue the game and immediately left the field, in consequence of which the Kirkby Fleetham and Scruton

10 November
Leeds Mercury
Cricket - On Tuesday se'enight was played at Studley Royal, near Ripon, by the Ripon Club, against the neighbouring villages, which was won by the former by 47 runs. The Ripon Club although only recently instituted, promise to become excellent players. Mr R Lumley, a member of the club, regaled the party with a plentiful supply of old English fare - roast beef and strong beer.
1 December
Leeds Mercury
Cricket Playing:-On Saturday last was played at Flatwith Longlands, the great contested match between the new erected cricket club of Alne, and the old established club of Linton upon Ouse; the match consisted of the greater number of notches in three innings which was one at two innings by the Alne club, being 14 notches ahead.-Bowlers: for Alne, Mr George Dunnington and Mr Francis Shepard; for Linton Mr Thomas Watson and Mr Benjamin Dickenson- Umpires: Mr George Penrose for Alne and Mr Thomas Jefferson for Linton.

In connection with the Alne match above, I have received the following information from a lady called Margaret Harrison: “the umpire George Penrose in the match at Alne was a farmer b Alne 1757. George Dunnington, the bowler for Alne unfortunately died in 1817 aged 36yrs”

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